Focus Group Discussion on IRC products and Services. 15.11.2010

Which products and service do you know and use?

Eduardo Pérez:

Over the years I have been subscriber and user of Source Weekly and earlier IRC newsletters, but also we had many other cross path with IRC, such as the Africa Sanitation Ministers Conference, video interview at recent Water Cube, and a very productive partnership with Christine Sijbesma on the Sanitation marketing in Vietnam. I also download PDF files from the IRC sire regularly. The last one was the Sanitation and Hygiene practitioners book from South Asia.

I often, read the Source Weekly monthly. I scan very carefully in items on sanitation that are interesting to me and  colleagues. I do a cut and paste and send it to colleagues and I do that quit regular. Sometimes I send 2 or 3 articles. Just that paragraph cut and paste to particular people. Most things related to sanitation, impact and health.  

I see Source as THE dissemination channel for the sector. 

How do you look at that if you compare us with your own WSP Acces newsletter?  Continue reading


Sources Nouvelles has positive influence on advocacy, influencing policy & networking

“ The newsletter is not just for stakeholders but also for all decision makers who have the important function and titles. It is important to network and have a tool that helps linkages between resource centres”, he said.

Francois uses articles from Sources Nouvelles in his journalistic work

Koami Francois Amegnignon, a journalist at Radio Zephyr, Togo is the winner of French category of WASH Media Award announced by jointly by Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) and Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). He told IRC’s Dick de Jong on 5 September 2010 that he uses articles from our French newsletter Sources Nouvelles in his journalistic work. This helps him publishing articles and radio programmes on water supply and sanitation that won him the French WASH Media Award 2010 in the winning stories.


One was from a village suffering from water problems, another one from a village suffering from sanitation problems and the diseases them.

Francois is also president of the Asssociation of Environemntal Journalists in Togo. This is one of few interviews with journalists participating at the Stockholm World Water Week 2010.

More information

Francois features in a WSSCC video introduction of all prize winners (6.16 minutes) at You Tube.
You can watch the Puliitzer Centre’s video coverage on the WASH Medai Award ceremony (22 minutes) also on You Tube.

Some highlights taken from the Short Surveys after meeting in Cali, May 2010

…I recently read an interesting interview on financing with a link that I used in my work…
…The information found in the bulletin is useful but sometimes when trying to get more information links are not working…

Reasons for Using Source
…” It contains the latest information on WASH from different parts of the world”…
…”I share valuable experiences from others in my field work”….
… “I can found valuable information that reflects the work done in WASH in other parts of the world”…
… “Sometimes we find creative ideas that help us in solving our problems”… Continue reading

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Workshop in Cali. Sharing experiences Notiaquacol_IRC

Some relevant highlights:

  • Source publish little negative WASH news
  • Importance of having a clear target audience
  • Source is more technical

Story Contents Factsheet (English and Spanish)

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